Spotify ranks UC Berkeley among top musical universities

According to recent data from Spotify, UC Berkeley is the 13th most musical college in the nation — in listening, that is. No, this isn’t a mistake. The Spotify corporation did not accidentally confuse us for the Berklee College of Music in Massachusetts. Nor is it ranking colleges’ departments of music specifically, although ours
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The best apps to download for college

As the No. 1 school for computer science majors and a meager 50-mile hop away from Silicon Valley, UC Berkeley students are known for their tech savvy. Even if you are terrified of the very concept of coding, today’s smartphone apps allow for even the average Joe on campus to
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Resurgence of vinyl turns tables on methods of musical discovery

Our relationship with music has turned into a somewhat cold affair. The intimacy with, the investment in and the intense consumption of tunes prevalent in past times has abruptly transitioned into nonchalant pirating and streaming. And although streaming is a great way for varying kinds of music to reach a
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Finding love … or just ‘UC Berkeley Hook-Ups’

If you use Facebook, which you probably do unless you actually have a life, you should know by now that the ubiquitous networking site has become a Godlike fixture in society. Apart from Google — which is also creepy as hell — Facebook knows more about you than your best
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