Best Oscar-winners of past 10 years

Best Picture Winner: “12 Years a Slave” Runner-up: “No Country for Old Men” “Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)” “Moonlight” “Spotlight” “The Hurt Locker” “The Artist” “Argo” “Slumdog Millionaire” “The King’s Speech” When comparing the last 10 years of Best Picture Oscar winners, it becomes easy to narrow down
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A Catholic’s conundrum

Thanks to an abundance of crucifixion statues, we accustom ourselves to death early on, though our tiny bodies can’t yet comprehend the apex of human agony.
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Berkeley: A new haven for cinephiles

When people think of cities with vibrant film cultures, only two places tend to come to mind: Los Angeles and New York. Which, to be fair, is expected. There’s Los Angeles — the home of Disney, Warner Brothers Studios and almost all other major studios. It’s arguably the entertainment capital
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Shrinky Dink creations with Lieyah Dagan

We at the Clog sat down with Lieyah Dagan, a Bare Magazine photographer and artist. She does some pretty cool stuff with water colors, sharpies and lots of other things. Check out our interview with her below. The Daily Californian: What about art inspires you? Lieyah Dagan: Well, in general,
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Foot-in-mouth syndrome

Man Under Bridge

God have mercy, doesn’t he know people can hear him? He does, but sometimes words just slip out. Such is the plight of that guy, suffering from the occasional bout of foot-in-mouth syndrome. It happens to a lot of people, but it doesn’t make it any less awkward. The faces reminiscent
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