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UC Berkeley For Dummies

There seems to be a “For Dummies” book for just about everything, but is there a “For Dummies” book for UC Berkeley? We at the Clog have devised our own version specific to life at UC Berkeley. So if you feel like a dummy at UC Berkeley, stay tuned for our
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Students protest after former Berkeley Law dean returns to campus

About 40 students and community members gathered on Sproul Plaza on Wednesday afternoon and later marched through the Berkeley Law campus protesting Choudhry’s return, as well as the publication of an open letter written by Choudhry and published in The Daily Californian’s opinion section Tuesday.
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Face swaps around campus

We at the Clog (especially one of us, who’s responsible for the majority of this collection’s selfie content due to an unfortunate lack of shared enthusiasm by her fellow campus crawlers) spent too much time collecting these face swaps of Berkeley’s finest with its most statuesque. Check out these epic face swaps of students and statues around campus,
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