10 reasons to be glad you already go to Cal

Saturday was an opportunity for everyone to relive his or her awkward, excited, confusing senior days of high school. The ones when we had to choose where the heck to go to college in the fall. It’s fun to see kids deciding if Berkeley is in their future, but here
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We spy: Bubbles in Ludwig’s Fountain on Sproul

Walking by the GBC after class yesterday, we saw something strange and out of place (even by Berkeley standards): bubbles in our favorite fountain. We’re not just talking a few measly pockets of air, but full on foam taking over the entire thing! It was a veritable bubble bath. The only things
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We Spy: Sproul turns weird during ASUC elections

You can expect a few new things on Sproul this week if you’re brave enough to take on the ASUC election campaign members that #OccupySproul. Upon entering, the sea of giant signs being waved about will overwhelm your eyes, with names and faces you may or may not recognize (depending
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Chalking vs flyering: which is better for advertising?

Walking down Bowditch this week after a long day of classes, we came across this little piece of art/advertising. This particular gem was informing us of the Perspectives showcase coming up. There’s nothing new in the method — clubs and groups chalk all the time to get their messages out there.
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A Random Important Alumni

A really important random alumnus

When we’re given the responsibility speech by our parents at the tender age of 10, then again at 12 and 16, once more at 18 and for good measure at 21 — as if we hadn’t been drinking all this time — there is always some mention of following in
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4 Valentine’s Day gifts just for Berkeley students

How does Sproul do Valentine’s Day? The Clog has compiled a list of wacky and cutesy gifts for that special someone. 1. STDs. If you’re bored of the traditional chocolate, flowers and candy trifecta, Phi Delta Epsilon has balls of adorable stuffed diseases that could be right up your alley. Give
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Derek Remsburg/Senior Staff

Home improvement: The return of Memorial Stadium

Memorial Stadium is more than a football field — it's a capsule of Cal's legacy.

From December 1922 to November 1923, a coliseum was constructed at the foot of the Berkeley hills dedicated to the fallen California comrades of the Great War. On Sept. 1, 2012, a cannon will sound from Strawberry Canyon, marking a new chapter in the rich history of California sports. Memorial Stadium is back.
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alice oh.online

Off the Beat: Hey there, Sproulers

One of the things that Cal is known for is its vibrant student community and the school spirit that its students have. The number of students tabling and handing out fliers every morning on Sproul speaks for itself, not to mention the protests that break out every now and then.
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