10 little things that make UC Berkeley students happy

Sometimes, just one little moment can make or break your day. These moments, while not always Instagram/Facebook status worthy, will always bring a smile to your face. 1. Seeing your friend on campus It’s always a nice surprise to see a good friend walking around campus. The type of friend
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Open hands, open minds

The Millennial Meltdown

Today, like every other nonweekend day, was awful. When you woke up, every cell in your body begged you to stay home, heat up a plate of Foster Farms dinosaur chicken nuggets, close all the blinds in your apartment and rewatch the second season of Prison Break, but no. You
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Attention all spring admits. Here’s what to expect.

Attention all spring admits: Welcome, and be prepared for the whirlwind of weirdness that accompanies going to school here. We’ve cultivated some of our favorite advice and things you should expect during your first few weeks here at Cal: Passionate students Students at Cal are extremely passionate about the causes
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Songs of Sproul: The Soundtrack of Berkeley

What is Berkeley listening to? The Daily Cal captures the soundtrack of Berkeley by asking students on Sproul to show us a song from their playlist. Songs featured: The Love Club – Lorde Where The Story Ends – The Fray Psycho Killer – Talking Heads International (Skrillex Remix) – Chase
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How to avoid rush hour on Berkeley’s campus

Whether you’re waiting in line in the Valley Life Science building to use the restroom or you finally decided to spend 30 minutes waiting for a bagel at Yali’s Cafe, you’ll usually find yourself in the midst of a horde of people. But there are some places that are worse
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40 more signs you went to UC Berkeley

Cal alumni Louis Peitzman — a former arts and entertainment editor and a former Sex on Tuesday columnist at The Daily Californian — and Ariane Lange of Buzzfeed fame teamed up recently to create this love letter to Cal. It went viral. In The Daily Clog’s debut use of GIFs, we have
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#TBT to our early Cal days

#TBT, or #ThrowbackThursday, is a common hashtag you will come across on any given Thursday if you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed. And if you’re a Cal student who follows other Cal students on any form of social media, you will come across a number of similar-looking photos of small,
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5 things to do on campus besides studying

Now that study mode has kicked in (You’re already hitting the books, right? Right.), we’re all flocking to find a nice study spot to settle into. With laptops, headphones, notes and books at the ready, places like Moffitt or the Academic Services Center become our second home for the week.
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10 reasons to be glad you already go to Cal

Saturday was an opportunity for everyone to relive his or her awkward, excited, confusing senior days of high school. The ones when we had to choose where the heck to go to college in the fall. It’s fun to see kids deciding if Berkeley is in their future, but here
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