7 steps to successfully flier on Upper Sproul Plaza

Unless you enjoy having 20 different fliers simultaneously thrust into your unenthusiastic but polite hands, avoid Upper Sproul Plaza. OK, OK. We know you can’t actually avoid Sproul. Hence the flier-avoiding tactics. On any given day, there are the avid eye-contact-avoiders, the earbud “I can’t hear you therefore I can’t see
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Street Style: Berkeley in Bloom

It’s that time of year again, when ASUC candidates flood Sproul and men march shirtless to Memorial Glade for a caz game of ultimate frisby. It’s springtime! Enjoying warm sunlight after an eternity of moody weather, UC Berkeley students snagged their first opportunity for some spring fashion. Floral prints  are
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Soak up the sun, Berkeley style

With spring break rapidly approaching, the weather warming up and midterms ending, it’s time to leave the library and get outside! While there may not be any beaches in Berkeley, there are plenty of great places to sunbathe. We at the Daily Clog are here to help make sure you
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5 unconventional ways to enjoy this rainy weather

Once you’ve lived in Berkeley long enough, you realize that this seemingly arbitrary rainy weather can be pretty annoying. Sometimes there’s so much rain we swear it’s monsoon season. And sometimes there’s that irritating, drippy rain that gets under your umbrella — the water form of someone pointing their finger
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10 best vantage points for people-watching

1. Bench by the entrance to East Asian Library There is a bench at the entrance of the East Asian Library that overlooks Memorial Glade. It’s not a particularly comfortable bench, but it’s a nice place to relax, eat a sandwich, and … well … enjoy the view. You can
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10 little things that make UC Berkeley students happy

Sometimes, just one little moment can make or break your day. These moments, while not always Instagram/Facebook status worthy, will always bring a smile to your face. 1. Seeing your friend on campus It’s always a nice surprise to see a good friend walking around campus. The type of friend
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Open hands, open minds

The Millennial Meltdown

Today, like every other nonweekend day, was awful. When you woke up, every cell in your body begged you to stay home, heat up a plate of Foster Farms dinosaur chicken nuggets, close all the blinds in your apartment and rewatch the second season of Prison Break, but no. You
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Attention all spring admits. Here’s what to expect.

Attention all spring admits: Welcome, and be prepared for the whirlwind of weirdness that accompanies going to school here. We’ve cultivated some of our favorite advice and things you should expect during your first few weeks here at Cal: Passionate students Students at Cal are extremely passionate about the causes
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