Ippuku: take a smoke break

On Center Street, a block from campus, a cloth with Japanese writing hanging in the doorway marks the entrance to Ippuku. This cloth, a cedar table and possibly a bartender standing behind a counter are the only street-front features that flag Ippuku as a restaurant. Instead, the facade of Ippuku
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Downtown Shattuck: shaped by buses, ferries and trains

Downtown Shattuck Avenue has undergone several generations of mass transit, the relics and pieces of which are integrated into the restaurants there today. In the pioneering days, the mile-long pier that once docked ferries to and from San Francisco dropped off passengers at Center and Shattuck. Now Center Street is
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Big C

20 Berkeley memories to make before your 21st birthday

Some of us at the Clog turned 21 this year, and we think we’ve accomplished some pretty awesome things in the past 20 years — especially here in Berkeley. Here are 20 things from our plethora of experiences that we think you should consider adding to your Berkeley bucket list before
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