Cal ‘StarCraft 2’ team makes dramatic comeback in Tespa Collegiate Series finals over Waterloo

Tespa Collegiate Series for Starcraft 2018 Logo
Blizzard Entertainment and Tespa/Courtesy
Tespa Collegiate Series for Starcraft 2018 Logo

If you’re a Warriors fan at Cal, you have a bad history with 3-1 leads in seven-game series. But this time, Cal students were on the right side of a dramatic comeback. The Cal Starcraft 2 team won a nail-biting series against the University of Waterloo in the finals of
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Cal Starcraft in 2016 Left to Right: Conan "Suppy" Liu, Alan "Abstinence" Yao, Vincent "BubbaGump" Escueta, Kevin "Goky" Seo, Hewson "hewston" Ju, Fred "Oodi" Lee, Jono "Arka" Disenhof, Nick "Silky" McNeese.

Cal Starcraft looks to return to championship form

The winningest esports team at Cal, Berkeley Starcraft, is also one of the smallest. “Starcraft II,” widely considered by many to be one of the first esports through earlier iterations of the game, hasn’t experienced the same level of growth as other games, such as “League of Legends,” “Overwatch” and
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Rally at Sather Gate

So you got into Berkeley

Congratulations! We encourage you to practice your version of this Cal reaction. But what if you have other offers, and your heart is torn? You might already know that UC Berkeley is the No. 1 public university in the world. You also already know that Berkeley is in sunny California with
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sim city

Piracy woes in ‘SimCity’

Online sign-up requirement undermines entertainment in urban-simulation game

The problem with “SimCity” is that, in order to play it, gamers must be online and connected to EA’s servers.
The problem with EA’s servers is that they cannot handle the masses of people who want to play.
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UC Berkeley students revel in victory in StarCraft tourney

The most popular games in the eSports circuit are reliant on complex strategies, mixing precise micro-management skills with ridiculous amounts of tactics. Within each match is a battle that is determined by cleverness, multitasking skills and reading your opponent, and the result is an experience that mixes the bluffing style of poker, the balance of chess and the dynamism of football.
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One way to earn $40,000 playing video games

Doesn’t that sound nice? Well here’s our bit of advice: Be good at StarCraft, like really good. Then, see if you can join Cal’s Starcraft team and compete and WIN in the most appropriately named, epic-sounding tournament ever: Collegiate StarLeague. Seems like a stretch? Well, apparently not for Cal’s own StarCraft team,
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