Trio: an interview with the app’s creator

Trio, an application that recently launched, is aiming to be the next big consumer creation platform in media mashups. We at the Clog sat down with UC Berkeley alumnus Misha Leybovich, who created the app, to find out the details of what Trio does and how it can benefit all UC
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PEACH: An interview with founder and UC Berkeley alumnus

Last summer, Sellegit Inc., a company that originated at our beloved UC Berkeley campus, recently launched its first auctioning app on the Apple Store: PEACH. This company was founded by five UC Berkeley Class of 2013 undergraduates in 2013. The Clog sat down for an interview with head founder Jeff Zhang
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Interview with StudyRoom co-founders

Did you look at your UC Berkeley email inbox last week and think to yourself, what the hell is Why am I getting invited to it by people I do not know from every single one of my classes? Is this a thing that I have to sign up for or
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UC now able to invest in homegrown technology

UC President Janet Napolitano announced Thursday that the University of California will now be able to invest directly in companies that use and market technology developed at UC facilities, following the removal of a 25-year-old policy that prevented such investments.
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Venture for America wants Cal graduates

UC Berkeley students are underrepresented among the VFA fellows, something Yang would like to see change. He believes there may be a misconception among students that startup work is exclusively for those studying computer science, engineering or business. Yang argues that, while most tech jobs do require a background in computer or data science, people with diverse interests and skill sets are being welcomed into the startup world.
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What happens when a friend becomes a colleague too?

The beauty of creating a startup is that you are surrounded by a group of supportive, like-minded individuals who are most likely your friends. These are the friends that you can grab a beer at Kip’s after work and complain about your overbearing, rude, bad-breathed monster of a boss after
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“We want to see different students working together to accomplish a single goal,” said Haleemah Qureshi, co-founder of Ideas@Berkeley. “It doesn’t have to be one thing — it can be anything … People are intimidated by Berkeley, but the vastness of it also means a lot of opportunity.”

Campus offers supportive help for student startups

UC Berkeley ranked third in Crunchbase’s recent list of the top universities that churn out entrepreneurs. With its extensive resources, funding, startup programs and diverse student body, UC Berkeley is ideal for fostering the next generation of burgeoning pioneers. A startup doesn’t have to originate from a groundbreaking, globally oriented
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Interview with David Litwak, founder of Mozio

The Daily Californian interviews David Litwak, the CEO and founder of Mozio, a travel startup. He and fellow UC Berkeley alum Joseph Metzinger developed Mozio as a platform for users to plan their travel to and from airports via any mode of transportation they would like to use. Mozio will
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