Trailing blazes back: Revisiting the 1923 Berkeley Fire

In Berkeley, there has come to be a sort of timelessness to a smoke-shrouded sky. Though California weather regularly lends a great number of fires to the golden hills during its drier seasons, large-scale infernos are far and between. When they do happen, they are remembered.
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Q&A with Berkeley Study Abroad

Deciding to study abroad can be a complicated process complete with the intimidating task of choosing from more than 40 countries and all that daunting paperwork. Luckily, The Daily Californian had the opportunity to chat with members of the Berkeley Study Abroad office, including Diane Marcus, associate director of marketing, Laura Shanks, publications and production specialist, and Barbara Tassielli, assistant director of advising, via phone and email to answer some of the perplexing questions you might have.
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A room of our own

Graduate students hold up our university. They provide the teaching and grading labor that makes quality instruction possible. They also produce scholarship — both here and throughout their careers — that allows UC Berkeley to call itself a world-class site of cutting-edge research.
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The Professional Development Program has been in 230 Stephens Hall for over 30 years, and have had some of the walls decorated with murals.

Relocation of NERDS program still uncertain

Almost four decades ago, the UC Berkeley Professional Development Program took over a room in Stephens Hall, armed with a mission of encouraging disadvantaged students to pursue academic degrees. Nowadays, the program’s roughly 250 members come and go through the mural-adorned halls, glad to have found a home away from
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