Miss America pageant misses the point

I’m writing this op-ed as a response to the deeply problematic Huffington Post blog post “Miss America and the Indian Beauty Myth,” by Asha Rangappa, an associate dean at Yale Law School. In the article, Rangappa situates herself in the recent discourse surrounding the choice of Nina Davuluri as Miss
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Off the beat: On stereotypes and white meat

Earlier this summer, my friend from home in Houston, Nina, brought me to her college town, a big city down south. After a couple of nights of going out downtown, we met up with some friends we knew from high school and some of their friends whom we had never
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The hoods of California by area code

California is one of the most cosmopolitan states in the United States, each region drastically different from the next. While people from other states see California as a whole in a certain light (If you haven’t seen it, watch this SNL skit “The Californians“) we think Californians as a whole
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The Discomfort Zone

The Internet has been a fun place this week. Well, fun is relative. It was probably fun if you, like me, avoided the scores of CalSERVE, Student Action and SQUELCH! Facebook posts and messages that accumulated in the week before election day. If you lingered on Facebook with “Thrift Shop”
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4 redeeming college stereotypes

For some reason, many college stereotypes seem to come attached with preconceived and negative connotations. Most of us have probably heard people talk about the “Walk of Shame” they had to pull Saturday morning or how they’re afraid they’ve put on the “Freshman 15.” The Clog thinks it’s high time to
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