The underrated, under-celebrated film ‘Steve Jobs’

In 2015, Oscar winners Danny Boyle and Aaron Sorkin partnered with Oscar nominee Michael Fassbender for a biopic about the tech giant Steve Jobs. The talent behind “Steve Jobs” seemed like a dream team. Yet, despite rather good reviews, the film failed financially. At the end of its theatrical run,
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Steve and Lisa

Off the Beat

Whenever my dad drives, I sit in the back. I never know what to say to him, so I perch there. The backrest blossoms into a veneering hedge. I stare out the window. I tune out the small talk.
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How to get out of your finals

The worst fortnight of the year has hit us yet again: dead week and finals. We’re all dreading the hours spent in Main Stacks poring over books (or sleeping on them) and really would rather not fill our brains with (debatably) useful knowledge. We’re anxious about our grades in each class
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Best fall flicks to watch at a theater near you

There are families cluttered on Telegraph Avenue, the bookstore line is out the door, and freshmen are scrambling to find their classes. Even though classes are starting, don’t let the imminent stress of midterms, papers and all-nighters get the best of you. While exploring the city of Berkeley, make sure to catch these movie premieres to help blow off some steam or satisfy your inner movie lover!
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5 must-read autobiographies for college students

Wait — before we lose your attention, at least give us a chance to explain. We at the Clog promise you will be pleasantly surprised. If not, well, you can’t really do anything about it. But if we could put money on it, you are probably sitting in class bored out
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