The day Banksy became a real artist

Urban Animal

A goal of, the official website for world-famous British graffiti artist Banksy’s one-month residency in New York, may be to get the public to realize that a city itself is a beautiful place of expression. Like cities, however, many works of art are brutally zoned and regulated — and
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Tom Hanks Tuesday: Hanksy

There’s been a whole lot of art around lately. The wonderfully vibrant new Barry McGee exhibit just opened at BAM/PFA, the UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens just installed a voluminous, though slightly controversial art piece comprised of glass tubes from Solyndra and I recently made a pile of dust near my
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Public art project positively depicts Occupy protesters

Twentyfourth Street was barren.  Two 25-foot photographs pasted on the side of the New Parkway Theater in Oakland were torn asunder.  Their faces incomplete, half-formed, had been disfigured by the rain, the tattered remnants swung idly to and fro, like paper pendulums signaling the apocalyptic end of an uproarious revolutionary
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