Street style: SF Pride edition

Awesome Street Style PHoto-19

Immediately after the landmark Supreme Court decision that legalized gay marriage nationwide, this year’s San Francisco Pride was a remarkable celebration of love and acceptance. For one weekend, the people of San Francisco gathered in a vibrant crowd of rainbows and glitter — key, symbolic trends spotted at this year’s
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Week 4-13

Street Style: High fashion

Hundreds showed up at Memorial Glade on Monday afternoon to spark up conversations with friends and to share good vibes. Students were wearing everything under the sun, from tie-dye and crazy costumes to cool, unique articles of clothing like kimonos, cacti socks and jellyfish-patterned button-downs. Gloria Sukamto Gloria is elegantly composed
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Cover Photo Week 3

Fashion Fridays: Keep it simple, smartie!

A quick glance around campus shows that plenty of us know how to be bold at Berkeley. But subtlety can sometimes impart the ultimate coolness. This week, we found some students who embodied the effortless look in casual neutrals. Low-key colors of blue, cream, and grey reflected the laid back,
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fashion fridays week 2-10

Fashion Fridays: gray skies to sunshine

In typical Bay Area fashion, the weather this week has been everywhere, from overcast skies to perfect sunshine. Many students showed off unique jackets and coats, while others chose to show some skin and wait for the sun to inevitably appear. Wen Xi Zhao Wen Xi pairs an embroidered floral
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Fashion Fridays: Halloween Edition

UC Berkeley often talks about diversity, but there’s one day every year when the assortment of students is beyond belief. If you catch Edward Scissorhands in your Friday discussion, or Kermit the Frog at GBC, don’t freak out — it’s just Halloween! While most students waited for their night festivities to bust out the
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Cover PHoto

Fashion Fridays: Back to the ’90s

It’s been building buzz for the past few seasons, but the ’90s revival, led by New York designers such as Alexander Wang, has kicked into full swing this autumn. You’ll find the sartorial legacies of Generation X everywhere in Manhattan, on the runway and on our very own UC Berkeley
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Cover Photo

Fashion Fridays: Dress the Best to Feel the Best

While making it through the first full weeks of class can get tough, it’s easy to add an extra kick of energy to your day with the right outfit. From preppy rigs straight out of the Ivy League to more contemporary, punk looks, Berkeley’s fashionable kids understand that one can’t
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Cover Photo

Fashion Fridays: Back in the Swing of Things

As the summer of 2014, Welcome Week and the Labor Day weekend slowly slip into memory, it’s time for UC Berkeley students to get adjusted to yet another semester. Of course, getting adjusted includes acclimating to the Berkeley weather, notorious for its unpredictable sways in temperature. Here, UC Berkeley’s best-dressed demonstrate creative
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Berkeley street style: back-to-school edition!

It may be the end of August, but don’t be fooled — the weather’s only about to get warmer. Known for its late Indian summer, Berkeley will be at its best during the next few weeks, and its climate is a perfect one with which to start the school year.
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Out of the Closet: Street Style at SF Pride

SF Pride Week is notoriously crazy in the style realm. The LGBT festivities this weekend saw everything from sequined bras to poofy tutus to naked nether regions. Though Civic Center Plaza started looking like the leftovers of Electric Daisy Carnival, The Daily Californian spent the weekend combing through the crowded
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