Yik Yak found poem

How many times have you read something on Yik Yak and burst out laughing? How many times has a Yak reminded you of your own embarrassing moment? Why not take all these random, hilarious bits and create a found poem? If you don’t know what a found poem is, check
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Quiz: Which Berkeley stereotype describes your stress level?

According to a recently published post, UC Berkeley tops the list of colleges with the most stressed-out students. Here, students experience a challenging and competitive atmosphere. Berkeley changes us as we try to overcome the stress present in our everyday life. We’ve noticed that you can tell a lot about a person by
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10 ways that moving out can get even worse

It’s a well-known fact that the two most stressful days of the academic year involve moving in and moving out of our residence halls, apartments or houses — or really wherever we’ve been living all semester. Here are a few unexpected ways that an already stressful day can turn into something out
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Some adorable animals to look at after finals

We all know what we really want right now: to snuggle up with warm baby animals and sleep forever. Now that your finals are finally over, seize the moment! As we near the end of finals week, we at the Clog want to distribute warm and fuzzy feelings to all UC
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How to: Resume your life after school’s out

Following your departure from your last final exam this semester, three things should happen. First, you should recreate the “What Time Is It?” scene from High School Musical 2. Next, you should party and trash all of your notes. Finally and most importantly, you should resume the fun parts of your
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Bingo: dead week and finals week edition

Dead week is a confusing time. On one hand, it seems like we have all this free time — it could even be considered a week-long vacation! But on the other hand, we all know what we should be doing because of the fast-approaching week after — yes, studying. The end
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"FROZEN" (Pictured) OLAF. ©2013 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

Things to keep in mind over summer

Summer is fast approaching. Whether you’re setting out on an adventurous vacation, going home for a couple of months or taking summer classes, there are key things to remember each time this ultimate break rolls around. Plant these five reminders in your noggin so that summer doesn’t pass you by
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The struggles of Tele-BEARS

Tele-BEARS Phase I is here: the dreaded yet beloved time of year when we get to plan our schedules for next semester before even having completed the current semester. It is a time of stress, new possibilities, creativity and worry. We at the Clog understand the many struggles of Tele-BEARS and have rounded
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4 quick and easy ways to become more stressed

“Oh my God, I’m so stressed” is a phrase we’ve all uttered an exhausting number of times, whether it be caused by the impending doom of midterms or an overflow of backlogged homework assignments and essays. Stress Awareness Day on April 16 this year is meant to encourage taking a break
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5 steps for fighting summer-lust procrastination

We know — summer is almost here. Only three more weeks of classes, dead week, finals and then summer! Glorious, perfect, lovable summer is, quite frankly, our favorite time of the year for all the obvious and stereotypical reasons. And it is so close that we can feel it. Summer
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