UC Berkeley to implement revised code of student conduct

UC Berkeley officials announced Monday that a newly revised Campus Code of Student Conduct will go into effect Wednesday, completing more than a year of work to address concerns regarding the conduct process. Changes made in the revised code include a stricter timeline by which to resolve cases and the
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Envisioning justice for students

For the most part, Cal students remain completely and blissfully detached from UC Berkeley’s conduct process and equally unaware of the many problems associated with its implementation. Yet for the fraction of students who find themselves accused of violating the code of conduct, the process immediately throws their college experience
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Concerns arise in Code of Student Conduct revision

With the approval of final recommendations to revise the UC Berkeley Code of Student Conduct, more than eight months of work by a task force charged with developing the changes have come to a close, and plans to begin work on the recommendations have been set in motion, though there
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