Things you should protest in 2017

After the most recent Women’s March that took place in multiple cities all over the world, many people saw the power that can come from a protest. As 2017 progresses, we at the Clog feel that there are many issues that go mostly unnoticed by our generation. These issues, too, need attention:
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messy apartment

Tips for successfully living off campus, not dying

Living off campus can be exciting and really one of the first stages of actually “adulting.” Far and away are the days of apathetic security monitors, the aptly named Late Nights at Crossroads and jeans lost in the laundry. You’re sort of on your own now, and we at the Clog
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Read to succeed

Here’s a psychological analysis of an attempt to be on top of our shit and participate in intellectual happenings by actually doing our readings.
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Things you most likely forgot to do

As Labor Day passes, marking the official end to summer, it seems all of our minds were left behind to disintegrate in June. Not only are you most likely forgetting (or pretending to forget) to do your laundry now that you’re back at school, you’re also probably forgetting to do a
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Struggles of moving into a new apartment

As summer draws to an end, many of us are frantically rushing around our houses trying to track down that last sock or power strip before packing all of our essentials into various bags and heading back to school. Unless you stayed in Berkeley over the summer or haven’t switched apartments, there’s a pretty good chance that right now you’re preparing to move into your apartment for the upcoming school year. While many people had subletters, so they at least have their place furnished, it’s still a hassle trying to move every single one of your most prized possessions. As we at the Clog scramble to settle in for the start of the semester, we feel your pain and understand the hardest parts of moving into a new apartment.
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uber eats photo

Why UberEATS is the best thing to happen to us

If you’ve been in the East Bay this summer you may have been informed by a friend or two about UberEATS’ new promotion in which you can get a $20 discount on your first order using a friend’s promotion code, although now they’ve changed the promotion to a $10 discount. Like us, you were probably skeptical and conducted a comprehensive Google search to find out what the catch was. Turns out this deal is pretty much exactly what it sounds like and it’s basically the best thing to ever happen to UC Berkeley students in the history of free food promotions. Here are some reasons why:
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It’s not so bad

Off the Beat

Supermodel Barbie’s sequin dress sparkled and glittered in the fluorescent lights of Target. Entranced, I knew she had to be mine. Determined to make her the newest addition to my ever-growing collection, I ran up to my mother, toy in hand and prepared to make as convincing an argument as
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