Board of Regents must approve student advisor position

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Approving the student advisor position would show that the regents are serious about addressing underrepresentation of students on their board.

When the UC Board of Regents has an opportunity to improve its serious lack of student representation, it should not forgo that chance. At issue is the creation of a new student adviser position, which would mark an important, though incomplete, step toward a more equitable, transparent Board of Regents.
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How do you see the University of California?

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: With the university depending more on student tuition, the identity of the University of California as a public university is questioned.

The question at hand is not who should be blamed, but rather how do we, as residents of California and UC students, perceive the University of California.
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A Question of Transparency, Legality, and Accountability

Given his donor’s potential violation of Federal Tax Law in funding his student government campaign and his complete lack of transparency on the issue it is clear that Avi Oved does not uphold the values one would expect from a student leader. Therefore to preserve these values of student government in the UC system, we respectively call upon Avi Oved to immediately withdraw himself from the student regent nomination process.
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