Golden bears or golden ghosts?

The spirits have risen from behind Moses Hall, the monsters are crawling out of the basement of Sproul Hall and all of Nicholas Dirks’ dirty laundry is being slowly discovered in the secret tunnels underneath Wheeler Hall’s auditorium. Halloween is the time when all of our school’s hidden horrors come
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Joe Wright/File

Most expensive textbooks in Cal Student Store

The Cal Student Store is your one-stop shop for everything you’ll need for the semester. From fancy pens to plastic cups to blankets that say “Go Bears,” you should be able to find everything you need — especially all those nicely priced, inexpensive textbooks. OK, maybe not inexpensive. We all
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Quiz: what your water bottle says about you

It’s UC Berkeley, so carrying plastic water bottles is taboo — why are those even made anymore? But that’s another topic. We at the Clog have noticed distinct types of water bottles around campus, and think that a water bottle can make a statement about someone’s personality. Find out what your
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