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Better than your own kin did

I went to CalSO less than a month after Kanye West dropped Yeezus. At one point, I found myself stuck behind a modestly sized group of tall guys who had started chatting about the album. I scurried behind them so that I could be within earshot and enthusiastically said, “Hey!
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Pet peeves at MLK

Since the MLK Student Union came to life at the UC Berkeley campus in the fall semester of 2015, it has become one of the biggest blessings to students on campus. This is a quick and clean place to stop by to get some work done between classes. Well, for
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sather lit - kchan

Five occasions for UC Berkeley to get lit

If we were to graph school spirit levels over time during the fall semester, we would start with a line moderately high on the spirit axis. The line would be flat with occasional small peaks to represent game day weekends, and then one huge mountain of pride the week of
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Urban Dictionary: UC Berkeley edition

Since 1999, has served to educate us about the colloquial vernacular used throughout the years. As students at UC Berkeley, we have experiences that are unique and particular to our community and social climate (aka, this place is oftentimes referred to as “Berzerkeley” for a reason). Said experiences have inspired
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Banking on corporations to fund UC Berkeley’s future

CAMPUS ISSUES: When the University Partnership program made a deal with Bank of the West, they sought to make a profit by turning student space corporate

With the ongoing specter of budgetary crisis, the University of California must take innovative yet extreme measures, such as UC Berkeley’s recent deal to make Bank of the West its “official bank.” While we recognize the necessity of private partnerships to raise money that continues to fund projects on campus
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