ASUC jobs that should exist

The ASUC is a huge part of our lives for the three weeks in the school year during campaign season. But once the votes have been calculated and the tabulations ceremony is completed, the ASUC shrinks back to being merely the sender of half our emails. Every so often, they’ll
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Make your own holiday: Berkeley style

Nowadays it seems as though there’s a day dedicated to every possible person or event. Forget about boring old Mother’s Day— there’s the entirely necessary Draw a Picture of a Bird Day to worry about. The pinnacle of all creative holidays is March 26, National Make Your Own Holiday Day. We
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What you need to know if you’re a transfer student

There are two types of long-term undergraduate students at UC Berkeley: those who got in as freshman and those who transferred. And although both sets of students must go through orientation, learn a little about campus traditions and generally be guided through the first semester, transfer students often feel like
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Daily Cal - Dirks - Final

Ways UC Berkeley can still be number 1

With rumors flying around about the potential removal of the reputed campus College of Chemistry and our number one-ranked public health major, UC Berkeley would clearly be losing two of its major points of pride. If we’re to keep going with this trend of eliminating schools and majors, will UC
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Why Justin Bieber understands us

Earlier this month, Justin Bieber dropped his new album, Purpose. We at the Clog are addicted and haven’t been able to stop listening to it since it was released. Either you’re just like us and are unapologetically obsessed with it, or you think the album’s just alright (but let’s be real,
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Why you’re late to class: Excuses and the real reasons behind them

Even though we have the gracious blessing that is Berkeley time, sometimes those 10 extra minutes still aren’t enough to accommodate our tardiness. Between challenging UC Berkeley-level classes, extracurriculars, work, our social lives and occasionally sleep, time management is no easy task. So we can’t help that we’re late sometimes. To
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If you were in a relationship with your midterm

Oh, midterms. Whether you’re currently studying for a midterm or just survived one, a test is ruling your life right now. Like getting flyered on Sproul or making awkward eye contact with the person you’ve been trying to secretly stare at, you just can’t avoid it. As a way to procrastinate, we
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5 things you want to explain to your GSI

The end of the semester has (FINALLY) arrived, and at this point, you’ve established a unique reputation with your GSI. Whether they know you as the one who’s constantly eating during class or that student who always falls asleep, we can’t help but feel they’re constantly judging us, and there’re a
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6 burning end-of-semester questions

Summer is so close, but it also seems so far because of the end-of-semester projects, papers and exams that separate us from future stress-free days. Your daydreams about summer in lecture might be interrupted by these thoughts if you’re just now feeling concerned about your performance in a class. Should you
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