The world’s most powerful weapon

Tales of Two Cities

I’m sitting in my game theory class. It’s Tuesday. I have all the color-coded midterm questions our GSIs are frantically passing out. The clock hits 8:10, and a hush falls over 105 Stanley. Twenty minutes into the midterm, an alarm goes off, and white lights start flashing on each side
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You should stand up when you read this

Student Bodies

As a lifelong student, you have extensive experience sitting. Here at Cal, whether you realize it or not, you’ve probably elevated your sitting expertise to new heights. Your rear end has graced cramped lecture halls, rocks and benches, coffee shops and libraries, couches, your bed, your roommate’s bed, buses, toilet
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5 pet peeves of the average Cal student

If you go to Cal or went to Cal, there are definitely situations that you have experienced that grind your gears. When you try to explain these things to people who do not go to Cal, they may find your complaints to be very trivial. And although they are very
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Best Berkeley study spots you’ve never used

With dead week rapidly approaching, the Clog is sure of one thing: We don’t want to pay $20 for a seat in Main Stacks this year. And no, we don’t want to squeeze between blaring iPods and ticking keyboards in Doe’s ever-so-popular reading room. To add to the ever-growing list
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Try-hards and Facebook

Critical Musings

While trying to find somewhere to write this column Wednesday night, my roommate and I ended up wandering through Main Stacks. Presumably because it is “midterm season” — which at Berkeley just means anytime after the first month of class and before finals — the library was packed. We spent
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