Getting to know my other half

Recently, my solution has been to write with a split mindset. The first is sporadic, energetic and only cares about spilling anything onto the page, proper grammar or not. The second tries to understand the first, refine its work, and yes, consult a stylebook.
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The sum of a band

Subtlety, of course, is the enemy of “rules,” those one-size-fits-all, dictatorial commandments that ensure that all over the country, newspapers are using the same style and process for sharing information. I understand the need for these rules, and most of the time, it saves a lot of confusion.
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The Daily Clog

Peace, love and Clog

We know what you’re all thinking: Whenever you ever so kindly click on the Clog, a small part of you is slightly disappointed by the lack of actual clogs on our page. Don’t worry devoted readers, your prayers have been answered, and we at the Clog have composed a clog
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Raincoats vs. Umbrellas

These past couple of weeks, we at Berkeley have experienced far more than our fair share of rain. A simple walk in between classes involved getting completely soaked from head to toe. The widespread Berkeley campus can lead to some lengthy strolls, which can be quite tranquil in the sunshine,
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7 lazy-day style staples

The further along you get in your college career, the less you’re going to care about your style choices. Let’s be real: It’s a lot easier to throw on some sweats and leave five minutes before class than it is to wake up an hour early, shower and prepare yourself for
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Your midterm-season style guide

Let’s face it: midterm season is a time suck. With all of that time spent studying late into the night or early into the morning, flipping through each page, completing each problem or writing each sentence, we barely have time to put together outfits that make us feel comfortable and
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