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During every conversation I have with somebody about music, we always end up with the same type of exchange. I’ll recommend a song to a friend or ask my roommate if I can play her a neat tune, and they’ll say sure. When the music starts, they always already know
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ASUC SUPERB’s fall 2016 film screening lineup

This semester, ASUC SUPERB’s film lineup is combining the new and old, coupling modern blockbusters with legendary classics. With Stanley Kubrick’s science-fiction masterpiece “2001: A Space Odyssey” and Seth Rogen’s laugh-a-minute “Superbad” already screened, the juxtapositions will continue over the following months to keep us entertained as the year advances.
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Tarzan_Warner Bros. Pictures_Courtesy

Summer movie lessons

The blockbusters of this past summer movie season were a garbage fire of epic proportions. Film’s image, undeservedly so, has suffered because of them, and if the trend continues the studios are eventually going to ruin everything. Too many of the big budget films were either terrible or lost a
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Kehlani 2-Enrique Lopez-Staff

Kehlani serves triumphant, sincere Lower Sproul performance

Kehlani gazed out into a crowd swarming eagerly towards Lower Sproul and the surrounding balconies, buildings and stairways at ASUC SUPERB’s annual welcome week concert Friday. “I used to walk all through this place,” the Oakland-based R&B queen announced, “When I had dreams of going to school, I wanted to
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"Suicide Squad" | Warner Bros. Grade: B-

‘Suicide Squad’ falls short of heroic DC comeback

Since “Man of Steel” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. have been looking for their franchise starter to rival the yearly additions of well-oiled, if safe, comic book blockbusters from Marvel. Yet, both DC films underwhelmed with the critical and commercial populaces because of
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