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Rosé sangria

Saturday is National Rosé Day, so we at the Clog thought we would celebrate good times and whip up a pitcher of this refreshing, fruity rosé sangria. The fresh summer fruits bring a bright sweetness to this pink punch, while the triple sec offers a citrus punch to the aftertaste.
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Strawberry Moijto

Virgin strawberry basil mojito

Finals stress is long behind us, but we at the Clog would like to unwind before summer classes and internships make work pick back up again. What better way to cool off than with a mojito that features strawberries, which scream summer, and basil, which is known for its relaxation properties? We promise it’s almost as good as taking a trip to the spa. This recipe makes only one mojito, but feel free to multiply it to share with your inevitably jealous housemates.
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