Songs that describe summer away from Berkeley

Audrey McNamara/File

After that final refresh of BearFacts, you’re at last ready to bask in every last day of your well-deserved summer break. You’ve come to accept your final grades after weeks of dread and anticipation upon seeing the screen of doom on a site, which is quite frankly hideous. The cycle of dread followed by acceptance is a motif here at UC Berkeley, which applies also when you face your midterm head-on or complete your weight-training at the RSF.
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UC Berkeley professors’ summer playlist

We at the Clog asked Berkeley Summer Sessions professors to tell us their favorite summer songs, and here’s what they got back to us with.   Jim Pettigrew, earth and planetary sciences Pettigrew usually studies currents in Western Australia, but this summer, he’s in the Bay teaching Introduction to Oceans.
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Quiz: Which song is your summer’s anthem?

Whether you’re spending your summer taking road trips or just relaxing at home, one thing is guaranteed — music. Maybe it’s playing softly in your headphones or blasting through the speakers at a music festival. Sometimes you don’t even have to be listening to music because you’re too busy living the
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