Why we travel

Excitement, adventure, fun — traveling encapsulates these words. And traveling has always had this attractive, romantic aura surrounding it. During the summer, we have time to reflect on what interests us besides our studies, and travel is just one way to satisfy your inquisitive mind. Here are a few of the
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Highlights from around the Mile High City

When my parents informed me of our move from sunny Southern California to the Colorado mountains, I was completely overwhelmed and unprepared for the change. The idea of snow and the sudden change in altitude were a lot to take in. But after spending various weeks here on breaks from
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Summer 2016 is here: Berkeley day trips

With less than a week until the first summer session, a lot of us are already thinking about all the things we’re going to do in our free time between classes. We know you’ll be busy, but if you still have the itch to travel during summer school, then we at
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Highway to hurling

The four of us stood in the dark for 10 or so minutes waiting for the gas to finish pumping. Graeme had a feast of chocolate trail mix, Will was slumped over, Dermot was saying something in Irish, and I was waiting for the caffeine to digest so I could
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