Los Angeles Freeway at 5 A.M. through Greyhound bus window

Should you Greyhound into summer?

Summer can mean watching beautiful California sunsets on the beach, kicking back with friends, enjoying some “me time” and having lots of adventure! Whether you plan on heading to the Central Valley, Southern Californian or just want to explore a season made for California, plane tickets are expensive (especially considering
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Playlist of the week: our summer music spins

Whether you’re lounging on the beaches of SoCal, getting ahead by taking summer classes at Berkeley or vacationing in faraway destinations (in which case we’d be very jealous of you), your summer needs a playlist. The Clog’s got you covered. Here’s a playlist with 12 tracks that’ll be the perfect
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A street off Powell Street Bart Station in San Francisco. #SanFranciscan #nightlife

6 photos you’ll see on your Instagram feed this summer

Oh, summer. So beautiful. So picturesque. So going on Instagram. Most of us savvy Instagram users can agree that summer life has never looked more golden — literally — through a Kelvin filter. Fortunately for us lucky Berkeley students, we’re free to roam around and make wonderful summer memories in the most
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Take a ‘real’ break this summer

At Cal, we’re used to going from class to class, job to job and office hour to office hour — from dawn until dusk. It’s a hectic life during the semester with studying, working and still trying to spend time with as many equally stressed-out friends as possible. So when finals
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How to: craft a summer to-do list

Summer is here and finals are over. At long last, there is time to breathe. But whether you’ve chosen to stay on-campus, travel the world or nestle into your favorite home couch, it’s a sure fact that summer is a difficult time to take advantage of. Three months of unbridled
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5 things to enjoy if you’re home from school

We know a lot of you Berkeley students are out there being productive, spending the summer doing internships and taking classes that will help you graduate early (as if you weren’t already an overachiever by coming to this school). But for those of you using summer as a vacation, even
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Ninety percent chance of rain

Critical Musings

Summer is coming. In the mostly temperate Berkeley, its approach can be subtle. There are fewer jackets in the morning, more nakedness on Memorial Glade in the afternoon. There are landlords happily waiting outside of their May-to-May lease properties for their fifth showing today, residents inside those apartments wondering when
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Daily Cal’s additional day of print fares poorly in summer

Paper will print on Mondays, Thursdays until beginning of fall semester

Next week, The Daily Californian will return to producing two papers a week for the remainder of the summer. At the beginning of June, we increased our days of print from two to three in an attempt to bring in incremental revenue to offset a multitude of fixed costs —
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