How I came to love group sex

Sex on Tuesday

I had gone through the longest dry spell of my nonvirgin life while studying abroad. By the time I returned to the good ol’ U.S. of A, my sex drive had all but shriveled up and died due to neglect. I thought I had found a new sort of sexless nirvana.
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Summer news in review

May 16: Berkeley SHIP UC Berkeley announced the details of its new campus-run health insurance plan, which expands coverage but increases premiums, after the emergence of concerns about a projected $46.5 million deficit faced by the university’s previous health care provider, UC SHIP. May 21: UC medical strikes Thousands of
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Off the beat: Summer spent in the forest

Ten weeks ago, two strangers in a green Volvo picked me up from my house to begin to a life-changing adventure in the northern Sierra Nevada mountains. Our destination was nestled deep in the sleepy town of Meadow Valley: the University of California Forestry Camp, a 98-year-old university-owned camp dedicated
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30 trips to take before class starts

So here you are at Berkeley, lounging again in your room, mulling in your head about whether you’ve milked every last sun-swollen drop of the season. For those of you with adventure still buzzing in your veins, we at The Daily Clog have prepared a list of the perfect weekend
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An unexpected summer

Health and Happiness

This last column marks the end of my first summer in Berkeley, and it’s definitely been an interesting one for me. It was my first summer away from home, away from family and away from hometown friends. When I decided to stay in Berkeley and do a summer session to
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An ode to summer love

We’ve all had one. Or maybe we haven’t. But for those of us that have, whether it was a summer romance, fling or even love, we know that it was (or still is) absolutely beautiful. It may have been at Cal over the summer, it may have been at home
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6 things to enjoy before going back to school

We have only a little more than two weeks to go before fall classes kick off. Even summer schoolers (those crazy kids who decided to be academically productive over these designated lazy months) will have a brief reprieve before the onslaught of studying and essay-writing UC Berkeley loves to throw
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