Kayaking in La Jolla

The Kayak Chronicles

The kayak shop ran like a makeshift haven for surfers, dropouts and convicted felons. Our boss, Jimmy, was of the dropout faction since he left some Arizona college in the ’80s to move back home and marry his high-school sweetheart. Or so it went, according to the girls who worked
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6 things that only happen during the summer at Berkeley

The Berkeley summer population includes summer interns, people taking classes, foreign exchange students doing everything from studying abroad to taking on random retail jobs, worker bees and those just hanging around for a summer in Berkeley. For the most part, Berkeley doesn’t change much over the summer — there are
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9 challenges of being away from UC Berkeley

Now that summer has officially begun and most of you are back home or traveling, you’ll find that readjusting to life outside of the Berkeley bubble can be surprisingly challenging. Being away from Berkeley means that you can no longer depend on Bear Walk to take your drunken self home.
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The Clog presents: summer 2014 bucket list

It’s one of the last summers we have before we go off into the real world — where summer breaks whittle down into two weeks’ worth of sick days. We at the Clog want you to make the most of these three months by having tons of fun, so here
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14 experiences you’ve had since summer started

We had been looking forward to May 17  for the longest time, desperately counting down the days and growing happier with each passing final. But now that summer has actually started, we’ve already gone through the general cycle of #feels.  Here’s a quick timeline of our first month of summer: 1. Attempting
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How to make last-minute summer plans

There are less than two weeks of instruction left in the semester, and it’s almost May. Surprised? So are we. Chances are, a lot of you aren’t as on top of things as you would like to be, but don’t worry, we’re just as jealous as you are of that
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The stages of applying for summer internships

As the spring semester winds down, all college students need to think about their summer plans. Some decide to take summer classes, others want to travel all over the world, many will get a job to make money and the rest of us have to apply for internships. To do
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