An illustration of columnist Annalise Kamegawa.

Annalise: Doesn’t know music

At This Point

But I did realize that my freshman year of college has marked a start of a significant period in my life — one in which I’ve begun to hear the music that plays behind my dearest memories.
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Campus MovieFest returns to Berkeley

Campus MovieFest, the world’s largest student film festival, has returned to UC Berkeley for its 2016-17 season. Due to CMF traveling across the globe to college campuses and UC Berkeley’s own plan for each semester, the event hasn’t visited the campus since 2013. But after collaboration with two UC Berkeley
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Widowspeak, Quilt imbue evening concert with sunny vibes

Both Widowspeak and Quilt occupy a similar stylistic domain — sleepy, sun-drenched ditties that recall coastal road trips and summer longing. Hosted by ASUC Superb, the bands’ performances on Sproul Plaza on Friday, then, served as a seasonal time capsule — an immediate influx of sunshine for Berkeley’s long, post-daylight savings
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Superb’s ‘Nightcub’ roars with student talent

Have you ever wondered where to find musical talent at UC Berkeley? On Saturday, ASUC SUPERB provided a perfect location to discover student musicians with its second student DJ showcase, cleverly titled “Nightcub Volume 2.” The program featured performances by Kamau, GARREN and Aşa — all of whom are full-time
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Picks of the Week TORO_online

Picks of the week: Back to school basics

The first week of school is mostly for awkward introductions and passing out syllabuses. Nonetheless, treat yourself with these fun (and somewhat educational) events before the onslaught of work consumes you. Thursday: Multitudes, an exhibition of paintings by Andres Waissman Attention philosophers and visual arts enthusiasts: Philosophy and politics intersect
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