Kick back with a SUPERB dose

Lack of funding keeps SUPERB from achieving full potential in putting on events

Johnny Depp. Michael Moore. Dr. Dog Poker tournaments. Campus MovieFest. Though you may have heard the buzz about all of these entertainers and events coming to UC Berkeley’s campus in the past couple of years, you’ve likely never asked yourself who was behind all of these incredible shows. It is
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This Week in Arts

Visual Art: Cal Day is approaching, and Saturday’s flurry of events will offer art lovers unexpected opportunities for special tours, exhibitions and demonstrations. These art-related events are not just for bright-eyed future Cal bears and their parents, but are also offered to the general public. At Free Speech Movement Cafe,
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Sproul Concerts: Then and Now

Besides being a sunny place to hang out between classes, Lower Sproul is also a sometimes-stage for some pretty cool musical acts and has been for a long time. Since 1964, SUPERB (Student Union Program, Entertainment, and Recreation Board) has been hosting concerts, movie screenings, games, and trivia nights for
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