A tragic preoccupation

CITY AFFAIRS: Blaming Occupy Oakland for North Berkeley resident Peter Cukor’s death is a baseless and misguided opinion.

Nobody can predict when events will take a turn for the worse. At a moment’s notice, a frightening situation can become a violent emergency, as it did Saturday evening when North Berkeley resident Peter Cukor was allegedly bludgeoned to death. This incident was tragic, no doubt, but speculation that the
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Council members consider possibility of postponing redistricting decision

UC Berkeley student government leaders presented their redistricting proposal to the Berkeley City Council during a public hearing on the matter Tuesday night, garnering some support from certain council members who are considering delaying action on the proposals until after the 2012 election. By postponing a redistricting decision, the council
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Berkeley City Council passes revised relocation ordinance

Berkeley’s revised Relocation Ordinance passed at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting following months of prolonged disagreement concerning the ordinance’s language involving seismic safety and pet displacement. Multiple drafts of the ordinance — first written in 1986 and revised over the past few years to reflect changes in the city’s housing environment
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City council approved the West Berkeley Plan at Tuesday's meeting.

City Council approves second phase of West Berkeley project

A controversial second phase of the long-standing West Berkeley Project that allows research and development businesses to occupy protected spaces was passed by the Berkeley City Council at its meeting Tuesday night. Under newly amended guidelines, a total of 270,000 gross square feet of protected warehouse and wholesale space may
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