Berkeley community must take action to reach zero waste goals

Every year, piles of trash are left on Berkeley streets when students move in or move out, polluting neighborhoods and stormwater. It also is a massive waste of money and resources. During this time, students collectively trash millions of dollars of still-usable consumer goods. This is lost wealth that could
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A look into California’s drought

On the third floor of University Hall, there’s a stall in the women’s restroom with a sign on the outside that reads: Low Frequency Flush Stall. Below the text, an image of a giant drop of water juxtaposes against a green recycling sign. The sign gives users the option to
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Save water: ban lawns

The city of Berkeley and the university have reacted to our current severe drought conditions by enacting new water conservation policy. In a February memo from the office of the mayor and the City Council, Berkeley has called for a 10 percent reduction in water consumption, and the university has
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Transportation burns for change

When I was in eighth grade, school was canceled for a few days due to the amount of smoke in the air. The wind was blowing ash from wildfires in Yucaipa and Hesperia to our blacktop during our physical education class some 30 miles away. Friends and relatives from all
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A carbon map to development

One of the biggest challenges for sustainable international economic development is the need to control greenhouse gas emissions. Before we can make meaningful progress toward stabilizing the planet’s climate, we need to have an international roadmap for economic growth, job creation and poverty alleviation that still bends the curve on
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