How to deal with smelly feet

Summer is officially here, and for some, that means the unleashing of vile stenches that no being should ever have to be exposed to. We at the Clog hope to come to your rescue and alleviate some of your odor-ious woes.
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Exercise is for the weak

Don’t watch those new episodes that were just added to Netflix. Don’t sleep through lecture for the fourth time this week. Don’t exercise. You heard us, disregard the pleas of Michelle Obama and the American Heart Association and avoid physical activity at all costs. Contrary to popular belief, the risks and negative externalities
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Quiz: How should you cure your foot stank?

There’s nothing better than getting hot and zesty in your favorite summer kicks. But we all know someone who suffers from bromodosis, the inability to control foot stank. Sometimes the ones we love most can pungently hurt us the most, but there is a way to remedy this situation. We at
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Daily Cal

When is it acceptable to take an Uber to class?

Disclaimer: This is not endorsed by Uber. The sun rages as an uncomfortable dampness spreads across your back. You’re patiently waiting for the 51B to take you to campus, but once again, you’re disappointed by the frequent delays of AC Transit. Do you risk being late to class yet again or
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Playlist of the week: time to SWEAT

It’s summertime, and that means more time to get those tennis shoes on, that butt twerkin’, those arms … flailing? I mean, we don’t know what you like to do, but we do know that summer is the time to exercise. Whether you’re at Cal or elsewhere, getting yourself pumped
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