What kind of greens are you?

With Tender Greens opening up in Downtown Berkeley and Sweetgreen around the corner, the salad fiends of Berkeley are going to be torn. We’re expecting the biggest split since the Twilight fandom — we’re talking “Team Edward,” “Team Jacob” status. If you want to know which greens team to join, take the
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Daily Cal - Potatoes

What is your spirit potato?

You’ve taken all the quizzes telling you what animal you would be, what Disney character you would be friends with and what Starbucks drink you should buy. But do you know what type of potato dish is your soulmate? Well, it’s time to find out. Contact Kirsty Fowler at [email protected]


Is this real life?

Now that we at the Clog are emerging from our caffeine-fueled finals haze, switching our phones off airplane mode and unblocking distracting websites, we’re beginning to catch up on the things we missed during our study-induced hibernation. Here are just some of the recent events and realizations that have made us stop
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Sweetgreen — as good as it sounds

We at the Clog love a few things. Specifically, we love journalism, crying over schoolwork via a journalistic platform, clogs and eating. With this in mind, we managed to drag our clogs far from our beloved Daily Cal office all the way to Shattuck Avenue and Haste Street to try the new salads at Sweetgreen and this time, instead of evaluating the atmosphere, we managed to actually order multiple salads. We bring to you, with very full stomachs, an evaluation of three of Sweetgreen’s most popular salads*.
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