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While the semester is well underway at UC Berkeley with round two of midterms creeping up, in Sydney classes have barely begun. Although it may now only be week two for me, it’s all I’ve needed to notice how different the American and Australian systems are. Block schedules Everyone brags when
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Throw out your syllabus and read these books

As we close in on Thanksgiving, classes have basically taught us everything important already. And that means if you haven’t tossed your syllabus in the trash, crumple those silly sheets up and don’t even spare it the recycling bin. You’re going to want that shit buried underneath a pile of AA
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A breakdown of your semester in shopping lists

As students at UC Berkeley, we are used to experiencing either extreme highs or extreme lows — in fact, these fluctuations in things like stress, mood and amount of sleep are so predictable they can be accurately plotted on a timeline of a typical UC Berkeley student’s semester. Today, we at the Clog
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Breaking news: Your essay was due yesterday

An inside source has talked to The Daily Clog and revealed that that essay you have was actually due yesterday. As one of the only students who attended the lecture directly after the midterm, this source was able to inform the Clog that your professor changed the due date of your essay
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