Trump executive order threatens Berkeley sanctuary, but city stands firm

The executive order, “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States,” added thousands of agents to Immigration and Customs Enforcement and would strip federal grant money from sanctuary cities that refuse to enforce federal ICE policy — a promise Trump frequently made throughout his presidential campaign.
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Refugees serve up coffee in new Berkeley café

Ordering coffee along Berkeley’s campus is an everyday act for thousands. Though this upscale coffee shop at 2410 Channing Way, which opened Sunday, has a familiar menu and seating, its eight baristas from seven different countries set it apart.
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More to be done

Sports with Sophie

Of the 233 countries and dependent territories in the world, only 56 of them have populations greater than 21.3 million. Regardless of their population, though, what all 233 of these countries and dependent territories have in common is a place — a stretch of land to call their own. By
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