Quiz: Which late night eatery should you go to?

The moon is up, you’ve been studying (or partying) all night and you couldn’t be hungrier. Well, luckily, you live in Berkeley, which is home to some of the best late night eats in the country. If you feel that there are too many options, though, this quiz will help you decide
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An ode to Remy’s

To our beloved Remy’s: We remember walking through your doors freshman year, the air filled with laughter and smell of beer. Your crowded embrace felt so right, nothing better to do Tuesday night. Rumor has it you couldn’t serve tequila, but you were a damn good taqueria. The place to go
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Why is Remy’s a ghost town?

Does anyone else really miss Remy’s Bar & Grill? It seriously used to be the most poppin’ place to come to on a Tuesday night, but it seems that nowadays it’s a ghost town. There are several conspiracy theories that we at the Clog think may have contributed to Remy’s sudden
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Quiz: What should you order at Taco Bell?

It’s finally here! No, not A/C in the dorms, or a functional CalCentral site — it’s the new Taco Bell Cantina! We at the Clog know that the vast menu can sometimes be overwhelming, so we’ve created this helpful quiz to help you narrow it down. Live mas, Bears! Contact
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