Quiz: What should you order at Taco Bell?

It’s finally here! No, not A/C in the dorms, or a functional CalCentral site — it’s the new Taco Bell Cantina! We at the Clog know that the vast menu can sometimes be overwhelming, so we’ve created this helpful quiz to help you narrow it down. Live mas, Bears! Contact
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I <3 In-N-Out Burger

Guide to getting to campus’s closest fast food

Berkeley is known for having some of the best food venues in the Bay, there’s no question there. But, if you’ve grown up under the wing of corporate America, sometimes the only thing you miss is a nice and greasy meal from your favorite fast food chain. Here at the Clog,
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Taco Bell Cheesy Double Decker 2

An ode to Taco Bell delivery

Taco Bell’s announcement that it will be providing delivery services is momentous news. Because the closest Taco Bell is nearly 2 miles from UC Berkeley, it was previously nearly impossible to get your Crunchwrap Supreme on after a night out. Taco Bell delivery will change the late-night snack plans of hardworking students
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The funniest Yelp reviews for Bay Area restaurants

“Let’s try someplace new!” This excited statement is inevitably followed by a perusal of Yelp reviews of the surrounding area and an increasingly heated round of “you decide,” “no, you decide.” On the whole, Yelp reviews are informative but not the most entertaining. But there are a few lonesome gems amongst
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