Console consolation: Gaming as self-care

Pressing Restart

Apart from taking positive steps for self-care like going to see a psychiatrist at Tang, I needed to get away, yet stay in the present. I needed a break. Naturally, I turned to playing a video game.
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Campus launches all-new Golden Bear Orientation

6,500 new first year and 3,000 new transfer students will participate in the new Golden Bear Orientation, or GBO, beginning Tuesday morning as a part of the Golden Bear Experience, a four-part program created for all incoming undergraduate students.
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Horoscope Readings

What to do now that your horoscope has changed

According to extensive research, your horoscope sign may not be what you have been led to believe your whole life. Before you go into a panic, frantically wondering what your personality is going to be like now and how mysterious tomorrow is now that you can’t predict the future, not everyone was affected
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