A humble narcissist

It was cool at the time

For a long time, I thought my tendency to come off as incredibly confident despite being so shy meant that I was being fake or inauthentic.
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Comfortable in my hairy skin

In nearly 100-degree weather, I opted to wear dark wash skinny jeans. It brought me straight back to those cringe-worthy days in the PE locker room when I had to put my tight pants back on despite being caressed by sweat. I almost vowed to myself that I would never
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Chill rocker dudes with cool music taste (and me)

Songs of Myself

Every summer in high school, I used to go to songwriting camp. I would take the bus from my little suburb into downtown Seattle, guitar strapped to my back and lyric notebook tucked into my purse. I felt like hot shit, oozing cool-girl musician vibes as I strutted down the
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