Berkeley is crawling with worms

Tales of Two Cities

Bookworms, that is. Last month, I left work completely overwhelmed. The 49 wasn’t coming, so I walked home on the hottest afternoon, ever. I’m pretty sure parts of my skin melted off in protest of the high temperature — I have yet to discover the patches they left behind. On
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The state of Berkeley bookstores: Shakespeare & Company

This is the beginning of a series highlighting independent bookstores located near the Berkeley campus.  Berkeley — hometown of hippies, foodies, counterculturalists and revolutionaries — has become one of the last gleaming centers of independent bookstores in the Bay Area. In recent years, independent bookstores have transitioned from warehouses of
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The Daily Cal Summer Arts Calendar

Before reading on, check out this Daily Cal summer calendar which aggregates all the concerts, festivals and other entertaining performances coming to the Bay Area! June 29 to 30: San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration and Parade SF Pride has beginnings that date back to 1972, with a few name changes
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Lessons learned as a freshman

To all incoming freshmen, I will first say that CalSO is terrible, and if you walk away with nothing but a sweaty Cal ID photo and an unbearable desire to transfer before August, you’re in good company. If you’re enjoying yourself, kudos. If not, hang in there. The school year
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