How to be hipster at UC Berkeley

Why do hipsters love Strawberry Creek? Because it’s not a main stream. Jokes aside, being a hipster is more than just being “in the know.” Being a hipster is a lifestyle — a constant effort to be new and unconventional. Being unorthodox, however, can be difficult at a college as quirky as UC Berkeley.
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Police arrest 2 men on suspicion of strong-arm robbery

Police arrested two men allegedly involved in a strong-arm robbery that occurred early Saturday morning on Channing Way and Dana Street. Adrian Losko, 27, and Andrew Greenop, 24, approached a 15-year-old male and his two friends on Telegraph Avenue and Channing Way and began pushing and punching them, according to
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Pharmacy spacing is logical

On Tuesday, Berkeley City Council unanimously approved an ordinance to require a buffer zone of 1,000 feet between any two pharmacies of more than 5,000 sq. ft. This undertaking is likely intended to preserve the character and appearance of the city, while also curbing the effect of the proliferation of
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