Quiz: Which Berkeley street are you?

We all have our Berkeley spirit animals — from the people on Sproul to the guy constantly asleep in 9 a.m. lecture. But has anyone ever considered that Berkeley spirit streets might exist? We at the Clog created a quiz so that you can at last determine which street in
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Berkeley’s finest: campus inspired ice cream flavors

In honor of Jimmy Fallon’s new Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor, The Tonight Dough, we at the Clog have decided to imagine up some UC Berkeley inspired ice cream flavors. With creativity reaching every corner of our beautiful campus, maybe Ben and Jerry’s will decide to start a university
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Kai Ridenoure/Senior Staff

Scoop Dreams vs. CREAM

I was a fat kid. Standing on the chewed asphalt of De Portola Elementary, I watched my schoolmates play handball. I sucked my stomach inward and held my breath. The thrumming of the red plastic sphere made me cringe, so I tried to look introspective. Nobody ever asked me to
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I-Ling Hsiung/Staff

Muracci’s Japanese Curry & Grill opens on Telegraph Avenue

Muracci’s Japanese Curry & Grill has finally opened a chain on Telegraph Avenue for Berkeley residents to experience the fresh, home-style Japanese curry it is famous for. Muracci’s was originally a huge success in the San Francisco district, with a second opening in 2010 located in downtown Los Altos. I met
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We stand with Ferguson

Michael Brown’s death is not an isolated incident of institutionalized racism run amok; it exists in a continuum of slavery, reconstruction, Jim Crow and the almost ageless stereotype of the violent black man. It exists in an ascendant culture of totalitarian police who were armed by an ever-growing military industrial complex by a country that strives to be always profiting at war. To the people of Ferguson, it exists in a timeline of tension wherein a mostly black town is occupied by an almost all-white police force. To the people of Berkeley, it exists as oppression that cannot be borne if any of us is to feel safe or free.
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Build for Telegraph’s sake

Telegraph Avenue is historic, colorful and homely. The city of Berkeley has mounted several efforts to clean it, light it and attract business to it. No small effort with balloons tied to it is going to be enough to improve the image of a street that is still dotted with burned-out buildings and darkened storefronts. The initial period of construction will be noisy and ugly, but these are only the growing pains of improvement. For this trouble, local businesses can expect improved foot traffic and better curb appeal in the neighborhood.
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