Craving violence is human

Growing Pains

After arriving at my friend’s house and talking about pure nothingness for a few minutes, it became clear that we were bored and needed something more than each other’s company to have a good time. She suggested we play some video games, which I happily agreed to — “Mario Kart”
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#Are you satisfied? Not yet, but keep going

Television is a poor arena in which to challenge marriage norms. Most of the time, what’s on TV is already normal; Ricky and Lucy in two twin beds in the ’50s or Mitchell and Cameron on “Modern Family,” appearing as a run-of-the-mill gay couple that raises no eyebrows at all.
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The ‘literal’ truth

Stopping by Avant Card to pick up a birthday card on my way home one day, I saw a card that read, “Misuse of ‘literally’ makes me figuratively insane.” I could not believe I had found a card that described my feelings toward the absurdity of modern vernacular so perfectly. Ever
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Aaron Sorkin opts for male gaze over sincere representation of women

Women are consistently misrepresented in "The West Wing" and "The Newsroom"

At the end of an interview with writer Sarah Nicole Prickett in June of last year, screenwriter and HBO “Newsroom” showrunner Aaron Sorkin cracked. Rising from his seat, he told Prickett (who was on assignment for the nearly 160-year-old Toronto-based Globe and Mail): “Listen here, Internet girl … It wouldn’t
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Jane Lynch talks ‘Hollywood Game Night’

'Glee' star brings her hosting skills to new star-studded NBC game show

Given the scope of reality TV subject matter, it was only a matter of time before celebrities stunned us with their recreational activities. No, not Keeping up with Kim and Kanye’s Konception. I’m talking about the new game show series “Hollywood Game Night.” The show is based on the real-life
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Monster-sized advertising for ‘Monster’s University’

Pixar fan or not, you’d have to be living under the world’s largest rock not to have heard of this summer’s most recent animated release: “Monster’s University.” The advertising campaign for this prequel has been off the charts (we haven’t personally checked any, but we’re sure if we did, that
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‘Mad Men’ review: Don really, really screwed up this time

A devastating revelation unfolds in 'Favors'

Well, it’s finally happened — Sally Draper, Don’s whip-smart and sassy tween daughter, has at last discovered what a philandering scumbag her father really is. While covertly removing an incriminating love letter from her neighbor’s apartment, Sally accidentally walked in on Mrs. Rosen engaging in a bit of thank-god-my-son’s-not-getting-drafted coitus
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Arrested Development: Unmaking a big mistake, or just a hot mess?

The eagerly-awaited fourth season of 'Arrested Development' disappoints

The new season of “Arrested Development” is confusing, hands down. The “Netflix semi-original series” brought everyone’s favorite dysfunctional family back together for one more season after Fox cancelled the cult classic in 2006 due to low ratings. Complete with the requisite inside jokes, flashbacks, scheming and catch phrases that initially
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