A copy editor’s field journal

Of course, I don’t tell him that copy editing just feels intrinsically satisfying. I don’t tell him that it allows me some miniscule amount of order and linear progression as I come to terms with the notion that I, as a freshman, can only pretend to have plans for my own future.
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Nobel Prizes for the unaccomplished

Theoretical discoveries of topological phase transitions, ending a 50-year-long civil war, the synthesis of molecular machines — these are the accomplishments that garnered Nobel Prizes in 2016. Their achievements are truly modern miracles of thought. While this year’s winners showcase their world-changing achievements, we at UC Berkeley continue to toil
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15 excuses for not texting back

Responding to everyone’s texts is hard. Sometimes you legitimately forget, but other times you just don’t want to respond. Whether you’ve ignored your roommate, the overzealous member of your group project who’s already sending group texts about the assignment that’s due a month from now, your family (though we do commend you
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In the game of ‘love’ and tact

Sex on Tuesday

I used to think that all that was missing in the dating game was some old fashioned chivalry. If only the cyber pornoscape hadn’t polluted the minds of millennials into thinking that people want to be treated like hoes and tricks.
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