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A full day of eating using only meal points

As the number of days left in the fall semester dwindles down, many of us are realizing that the amount of cash left in our wallets is also getting dangerously low. On the contrary, our meal point balance may be just a bit too high, because let’s face it, dining
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Top 4 places to trick-or-treat in Berkeley

We know what you’re thinking: Aren’t college students too old to trick-or-treat? Well, we at the Clog disagree. As broke college students, it should be in our best interests to swipe up as many free things as possible. To aid you in your quest for gratis, we at the Clog
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7 meals around campus for less than $7

As a college student, you dread the steadily dropping numbers on your bank account and cry at the sight your piling credit card bills. With most of your expenses going toward tuition and rent, the money left over can barely cover the essentials. Can you really afford to go to
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Which Asian Ghetto restaurant are you?

It may be surprising to find out that the restaurants in Asian Ghetto are basically manifestations of human personalities. We all know that your strange late-night cravings aren’t just about the food; rather, they’re clues that point to a deeper part of yourself.  Read on and find out which restaurant
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Best Thai in Berkeley

Here in Berkeley, we have no shortage of Thai restaurants to try. We at the Clog crave this spicy, flavorful cuisine. So with all the options, how are you to choose which restaurant you and your friends should check out next? Luckily, we’re here to help.  Here’s a short guide
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Mistakes that could ruin your RRR week

As you sit down to finally study an entire semester worth of content and realize that there’s more to review than you anticipated, it’s only natural for you to marvel in retrospect at your mastery of procrastination. With RRR week around the corner, we at the Clog decided to determine the possible mistakes UC Berkeley kids may have made during the school year that make RRR week studying all the more impossible.
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