Green Rabbit

Sometimes, other people’s love of the music you’re playing is only a side effect of the feeling you get from playing that music for yourself.
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When every tune tastes like cherry

If someone told you they liked pop music with a casual, “I like a chipper synthesized baseline, a plucky electric guitar and lyrics about adolescent life that make my heart tingle, if you please,” you would probably tell them to simmer down.
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An illustration of columnist Annalise Kamegawa.

Annalise: Doesn’t know music

At This Point

But I did realize that my freshman year of college has marked a start of a significant period in my life — one in which I’ve begun to hear the music that plays behind my dearest memories.
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Daily Cal - Fall Playlist - Export

Playlist for an autumn walk

Fall is such a beautiful time of year here in Berkeley. The leaves begin to drop, and even though the temperatures haven’t fallen that much, we can clearly see signs of the changing of seasons. We at the Clog have created a playlist suitable for a fall walk through campus. So
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Taran Moriates_online

Embrace the Berkeley

Lost in Confusion

Let the Berkeley in, people. Say “hello” to it, make it a nice appletini with a raspberry twist, write it mushy love letters, play “All You Need Is Love” on the Campanile’s bells for it, rub Kraft Mac and Cheese all over it and give it a nice juicy smooch.
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Valerie Khau

Valerie’s Views: On conforming to pop

For some people, pop is an ironic indulgence. It’s reserved for jam sessions in the car with the squad or lit-as-fuck college party playlists. Amid the increasing relevance of social media and the concurrent growth of digital noise, identities validated by exclusivity now demand greater interest in niche genres. A
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From the Beatles to Young Thug: a paradox of popular music

I’ll admit, I’ve gone through that phase of nostalgia — feeling that nothing could top the feverish, creative zeitgeist of the countercultural ’60s. My mind has often wandered through the smoky, Beat-ific cool of Greenwich Village’s folk scene, down to the drugged-out wonderland of Warhol’s Factory. You’ll find a Woodstock
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One Starr’s impact on music history

When I think of popular music revolutionaries, grand images of glamorous, gleaming rock ‘n’ roll deities begin to form in my mind. I picture Elvis, sitting on a golden throne made of electric guitars and microphones. I picture Chuck Berry duck-walking across the stage as he powerfully plucks the strings
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