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Where to take your date to really impress them

Congratulations, you have a date! Be warned, however: Berkeley goggles won’t keep your date from noticing if you plan a half-assed outing. The Clog has your back. Our top romance experts brainstormed a list of unique and charming date ideas for your next fall outing. The Big C Nothing says
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UC Berkeley guide to back to school

As summer comes to a close, the back-to-school jitters seem to be creeping in on all of us. Whether you’ll be coming to UC Berkeley for the very first time or for your last semester, we at The Daily Clog have some tips and secrets to get you into full
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A continuing undergrad’s musings on graduation

Commencement was a couple weeks ago, and as each department’s individual graduation ceremony — among many peppered throughout the week — has reached its end, the Golden Bear Class of 2013 has officially been sent off and transitioned to alumni status. Even though the major change has had a bit of time
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