Who is Oski?

You know him. You love him. You’ve probably made jokes about how creepy he looks but definitely own at least one item with his face on it. Yes, we’re talking about our beloved mascot, Oski. Oski’s been around for a while — since 1941. Prior to the mascot’s debut, live bears
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Michael Drummond/File

Berkeley robbery conspiracy theories uncovered

If you’ve been checking your email the past week, it may seem as though you’re getting more messages from Clery than you are from your parents or even bCourses. During the past week, there have been a series of nine robberies near campus, and as police continue to search for the
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5 Things They Didn’t Tell you at CalSo

So you learned the Time Warp dance and your classic Cal chants at CalSO, most of which you’ve forgotten at this point-solid. But there’s one thing you’re missing: The Daily Clog. Part cultural commentary, part alternative guide to the UC Berkeley community, this blog provides useful tidbits with a healthy
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Daily Cal server compromised, affecting Daily Clog and archives

One of The Daily Californian’s online servers were compromised Tuesday night, hindering our access to our older sites, including the Daily Clog and our archives. The development prevents us from editing content on the sites. However, existing content will remain accessible and safe for readers to peruse. Our main site,, was unaffected. We
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