Coffee stops for busy Bears

We at the Clog can agree on one thing — coffee is our life juice. If you’re completely new to the thriving coffee scene in Berkeley, here are some suggestions for coffee stops on the way to commonly-frequented places among UC Berkeley students.
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Taylor Follett/Staff

Quiz: Which on-campus Peet’s is this?

Have you ever showed up to a Peet’s Coffee location with a Peet’s from a different location? We at the Clog are definitely guilty, though it’s easy to do because of the plethora of Peet’s on our campus. To test if you’re a true connoisseur of UC Berkeley coffee shops, ask
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How to eat healthy using just meal points

It is a common misconception that pursuing ‘clean eating’ with a meal plan is as difficult as trying to attend every single 8 a.m. lecture. How are they analogous? They both start off with a heightened sense of optimism, only to be doused by that piece of pecan pie at
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