Sisterhood: A playlist

Cutting Room Floor

Most of my adolescence was defined by a deep delve into music of the late-20th century, music that I considered to be the basis of pop culture as I knew it.
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The Fray_Aditi Raghunath.Staff

The Fray wrestles with identity at the Masonic

The Fray’s show at the Masonic on Oct. 18 was not only a celebration of its classic hits but a testing ground for its newest tracks; the resulting show was a mix of the lyrical theatrics of its past work, acoustic experimentation and rhythmic pop rock. The Fray, it seemed,
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Tunesday: Pop Covers

It’s always interesting to hear artists cover the work of their peers, especially when it involves a mixing of genres and a crossing of musical boundaries. Inspired by Vampire Weekend’s recent cover of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines ( ),” this week I wanted to share some fun indie covers of
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This Week in Sound: Rearmed, Remixed, and Revamped

Welcome back to your favorite neighborhood music blog! I know, it must have been hard without it, but This Week in Sound is back and with a new local focus. You’ll still get all your general news on CD releases, concerts and special events as well, so don’t worry, you’re
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