Art Siriwatt’s Picks of the Week

  1. ‘Bullet to the Head’ opens in theaters Considering that the title of this movie is “Bullet to the Head,” I doubt there will be any confusion on what this movie is about. Starring Sylvester Stallone and directed by Walter Hill, whose last decent action movie was “The Warriors,”
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This Week in Arts

VISUAL ART As a center for innovation, renewable energy solutions, art and communal education, Oakland seems like the perfect home base for nonprofit organization Kinetic Steam Works. Since 2005, it has worked to preserve steam power heritage, presenting art and performance pieces to the public, highlighting the merits of this
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Japandroids fuse energy and emotion at the Independent

Japandroids, occupy the opposite end of the musical spectrum from Green and his classic soul. Whereas Green was in tune with the channels of love, Japandroids summon the triumph, anxiety and inhibitions of youth. The duo made up of Brian King and David Prowse, delighted a jam-packed crowd at the Independent last week.
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Raconteur rocks SF’s The Independent

Brendan Benson’s infectious pop rock has been around for more than 15 years, beginning with 1996’s under-the-radar release One Mississippi. He gained minor recognition in 2002 with Lapalco and then broke into the big time after hanging out with Jack White and forming the Raconteurs. He proved a perfect complement
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Meat Puppets delivers raw sounds and tasty chops

Legendary cowpunk outfit The Meat Puppets brought their incendiary show to the Independent in San Francisco on Friday, June 17th. Marrying country, folk, punk and alt-rock to Les Paul cock rock, the Meat Puppets concocted an eclectic and expansive sound. Playing in a beautiful theater, the subdued lighting and smokey
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