Attention, please

Reading life closely

My attention is a currency, passed between entities at the rate of a fraction of a penny per visit, per minute. Thinking about it for too long disturbs me.
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The Internet brings love and positivity to the New Parish

It’s fitting that right before the Internet took the stage at the New Parish, the crowd roared into screams and cheers as Kendrick Lamar’s hopeful song “Alright” blasted through the speakers. “Alright” was recently chanted at a Black Lives Matter protest after an officer pepper-sprayed the crowd. The song is
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Tunesday: Midterm wave relief

We’ve finally hit the one-month mark of the new semester — our spring admits’ monthiversary if you will — but this by no means is a reason to celebrate. A more important milestone, known as midterms, has come along, and we’re noticing our weekends are beginning to be spent with books more
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Tunesday- Femme Fatalented

This past week, a major record label made an incredibly sexist joke on their Facebook and Twitter.  Furthermore, once the backlash occurred, they didn’t seem to believe they did anything wrong.  This made me take a deeper look, particularly in the EDM scene at the discrimination against female acts.  Some
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old computer

Flashback Friday: exploring the World Wide Web

This past Tuesday marked the 20th birthday of the World Wide Web. That’s right, the public Internet has only been around for 20 odd years. For older folks, the birth of the public Internet seems like yesterday. But for us ’90s kids, it seems like forever ago. That’s because the Internet
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